John Rees, Team Lead

John Rees will participate as a lead member of the on-site team and will play a primary role in assessing staffing assignments, prioritizing posts and formulating recommendations. He was a key member of the ASCA team that assessed the post and staffing needs within the Vermont Department of Corrections and New Mexico Corrections Department.

In 1969, John Dewitt Rees received his BA in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Kentucky; one year later earned his MS in Criminology & Correctional Administration for Florida State University. John began his diverse corrections career in 1972 as Director of the Division of Special Institutions at the Kentucky Bureau of Corrections in Frankfort, Kentucky.  While at KBC, he moved on to the position of Executive Assistant/Commissioner where he served as liaison with the Governor’s staff, was responsible for policy development, budget preparation, and special projects within the corrections system.  In 1978, he left for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections where he served as Assistant Deputy Director of Institutions and Deputy Director of Program Services.  He was responsible for the supervision of all Oklahoma Adult Prisons to insure their compliance in all department policies and procedures.  He was also responsible for offender classification, planning and budget preparation for the Division of Institutions, compliance with federal court orders, and the accreditation process, as well as being responsible for the system-wide supervision of 10 adult prisons.  In 1980, he returned to the Kentucky as Warden at the Kentucky State Reformatory in LaGrange, Kentucky, making him the administrator of the largest adult institution in the state. 

John’s career course led him to Corrections Corporation of America where in 1986 he served as Facility Administrator of the Santa Fe New Mexico County Detention Center.  Between 1989-94, he continued with CCA serving as Warden at Venus PRC in Texas (1989); Warden at Winn Correctional Center in Winnfield, LA (1990-92); and Warden at South Central Correctional Center in Clifton, Tennessee (1992-94).  His tenure with CCA led him to serve four years as CCA’s Vice President of Business Development in Nashville, Tennessee.  John directed the nationwide objectives of CCA’s marketing and development team, hired and supervised each governmental affairs representative and lobbyist on behalf of CCA, testified before legislative committees at all levels of government regarding the benefits of privatization; directed and encouraged relationship building efforts with unions, state employee groups and other potential adversaries; and directed CCA in the active participation of appropriate corrections and legislative organizations.

John again returned to Kentucky in 2004 to serve as Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Corrections where her served until retirement in 2008.

Since 1980, John has been involved in teaching assignments at NIC, NIJ, NAC, and the Civil Rights Division of the U. S. Department of Justice.  He was a consultant to Norval Special Master (Williams vs. Lane, District of Illinois), and from 1998-2004, he served as a consultant to Corrections and Criminal Justice Administration in Madison, Indiana.

After retiring, John remained actively involved with ASCA including playing a major role in ASCA’s BJA funded Corrections-Law Enforcement Intelligence Sharing Project in 2008 and 2009. From 2008-present John works as a consultant at Rees and Associates Consulting in Madison, Indiana, providing services to companies and government agencies.  He also trains and provides consulting services to correctional services, and is an expert witness and provides legal guidance to those in the corrections industry including for the National Institute of Corrections, National Institute of Justice, the National Academy of Corrections, and the United States Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division, Washington, DC).