1. Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?
Children of a current, retired, or deceased full-time employee of a corrections agency that is a member of CLA. Children of vendors within corrections are not eligible.

2. Can a child of a state and/or federal employee apply?
Yes, children of current, retired, or deceased employees of both state and federal correctional agencies that are members of CLA are accepted.

3. Can a stepchild of a DOC employee apply?
Only if the stepparent is the child's legal guardian.

4. Can a grandchild of a DOC employee apply for the scholarship?
Only if the grandparent is the child's legal guardian.

5. Can a DOC employee apply for the scholarship?
No, only the children of correctional agency employees who are high school seniors, college undergraduate students, or college graduate students can apply. However, you can check with your agency to see if other scholarships or funding are available.

6. Is my child eligible to apply for the scholarship if I work as a contractor for the Department of Corrections?
No, the child's parent must work or have worked (retired, deceased) as a full-time employee for the Department of Corrections.

7. Can my child go to college out of state and still be eligible?
Yes, there are no stipulations on the location of the college your child attends.

8. Does the applicant have to be majoring in Criminal Justice?
No, applicants can have any major.

9. Are there any specific requirements for the letters of recommendations?
Yes, the letters of recommendation must be on a document with an official letterhead. Also, at least one letter of recommendation must be from a recent high school, college, or university educator who had you in class.

10. Can I file as a previous award winner if I was awarded the scholarship in a year other than last year?
Yes, as long as you meet all of the eligibility requirements.

11. Do re-applicants need to send in an essay and two letters of recommendation?
Prior winners who are re-applying do not need to send in an essay and two letters of recommendation. However, prior winners do need to fill out and submit the online application. Re-applicants who were not awarded the scholarship do need to send in an essay and two letters of recommendation.

12. When do I need to send in a transcript?
Prior winners must submit a transcript by March 31, 2020 to show they are in good standings with the College/ University (maintaining 3.3 GPA and full-time student status). New applicants only need to submit a transcript once they are informed that they have been selected as a scholarship recipient. For new applicants, no transcript is needed when initially applying.

13. What do I do if I cannot find the "done" button at the end of the online application?
Make sure all required information is completed and move through the three pages of the application. If you are still having problems accessing the "done" button, try filling out the application in another browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, etc.).

14. When will applicants be notified if they have been selected as a scholarship recipient?
They will be notified upon selection and approval of the Scholarship Review Committee at the end of May 2020.

15. How will I be notified about the scholarship recipients?
All scholarship winners will be notified by phone and will receive a follow-up email. Applicants who were not selected as recipients will be notified by email.

16. How much money are the recipients awarded?
New recipients will be awarded $1,500. Renewals will receive $750.

How to apply

Step 1. Open the 2020 Scholarship Application (Available February 1st)
Step 2. Enter your data.

There are two parts:
A. Data regarding your demographics, college or university, cumulative GPA, field of study and information regarding your parent(s) who work for an CLA member agency.
B. An essay that describes your career goals and what receiving this scholarship would mean to the completion of your undergraduate or graduate education.

Essays must be no more than 300 words. Previous award recipients do not have to submit an essay.

Assemble Required Documents (Transcripts-for previous scholarship winners or letters of recommendations for all other applicants.)
Email your documents if not attached to the application.

Mailing Requirements

If you do not attach your letters of recommendation to the application, please email them to [email protected]

If you are a previous scholarship winner, you can email an electronic transcript to [email protected]

If you do not have access to email; information can be mailed to the following address:

      Correctional Leaders Association 
      Attn: Jill Stewart
      PO Box 102
      Iona, ID 83427

Faxed or hand delivered materials will not be accepted.

Recommendation letters are not considered confidential. Please mail together, if possible.