Wayne Choinski
Project Manager

Wayne Choinski has served as a project manager with ASCA since 2010. His correctional experience includes having served the Connecticut Department of Correction for over 27 years as a senior administrator at several large correctional institutions, the senior administrator for community corrections, and a regional administrator responsible for the oversight of nine correctional facilities including jails. 

 As an ASCA project manager, Wayne has overseen numerous ASCA projects from inception to delivery. Examples of projects include; operational staffing assessments, post incident assessments, master plan development, compliance audits, and review of restrictive housing policies and programs. Additionally, Wayne has consulted on collaborative projects with Lumina Foundation, Urban Institute, CNA Analysis & Solutions, and The Council of State Governments. 

 Additionally, Wayne plays a key role in ASCA event planning and serves as a staff liaison for a number of ASCA committees including; Past Presidents’ Committee, Restrictive Housing Committee, and Racial Disparity Committee.